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Lab of the Dead Released!

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    Wednesday, 19 October 2011
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    Wednesday, 19 October 2011
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Me and Evil-Dog's new game Lab of the Dead is now out! so go play it! mobile versions are available as well!


-1 # 2011-11-06 12:38
love it. but i can't get the advanced action for the bone to work, I've done every thing that i was supposed to do for it, but the damn zombie just chews on the damn thing instead.
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0 # 2011-11-08 15:24
i cant get the try all food items achievement, even though i did try them all
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0 # SickDeathFiend 2011-11-09 13:50
sure your meeting all the requirements? everyone else is getting it. the last food item is a special item that unlocks at the end of the game
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0 # 2011-11-09 15:58
oh ok thats why it wasn't working, thanks. sorry
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