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Upcoming Projects

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    Saturday, 28 April 2012
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    Thursday, 27 August 2015
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Been Awhile since an update, but I've been busy on lots of cool projects. Here's the rundown..

Me and Evil-Dog have been working on lots of large and small projects, some of which had to be put on hold since 2010!

Deep Trauma: half done, maybe  pushed back until 2013 :(  Could possibly end up on steam along with its flash version.

Mage Apocalypse: half done or more, we plan on finishing that this year (if all goes well)

Road of the Dead 2: won't have time for it until next year aswell sadly. We have big plans for this one.


We have some small minigames and multiplayer games we wanna release this year as well, should be fun. One of them involves lots of paranoia ;)

The big game I'm working on now is untitled as of yet, but is a first person Fighting game.

Evil-Dog wanted to make a boxing game, but I wasn't satisfied with the general concept, it had to have MOAR! and like always I balloon the project into epic proportions! :D So I came up with lots of gameplay mechanics that hopefully work out well, like a full explore mode and an injector system that customizes your fighting moves and style. The explore mode is side view where you can explore the alien prison your being held in. of course these ideas increased the size of the project 10 fold so its taken a lot longer to finish, but its almost complete!




+2 # Nicolas 2012-05-12 13:33
I cant believe that road of dead 2 will be delayed until next year! It was the game I was most anxious to play! Well, if that game kicks ass, I dont care if I have to wait another year!
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0 # SickDeathFiend 2012-05-20 16:16
Yeah sucks, but Road 2 will have more true 3d stuff which should be fun. We have a couple smaller games coming out this year that are part of the same storyline as Road of the Dead and Lab of the Dead though!
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+1 # Necroionutwiz 2012-06-29 04:35
Sounds great i cant wait to play it btw nice art man :)
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