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Range of the Dead

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    Wednesday, 11 July 2012
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    Friday, 28 August 2015
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Me and Evil-Dog just released a new game, Range of the Dead!


Range of the Dead is a long distance shooting game, that is part of the 'of the Dead' game universe. The story follows the events of Lab of the Dead, as Allen Creasman finally decides to leave the secret Lab in search of other survivors.

Get it here on iphone (free!)

and Android here (also free!)


We are having issues getting Unity to export the game to Flash, for the flash version. :(  Unity 4 is supposed to have better flash export features so we are hoping that will work, but its going to be a bit of a wait unfortunately.


+2 # Nicolas 2012-07-20 10:02
Fuck man! I need to play this game! How long do you think it will take to export this game to flash?
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+1 # Kyler Kromer 2012-11-17 14:51
Pros: Fun

Cons: Bullets aren't like that they dont have the damn shell on the bullet when you shoot they are ejected out of the gun, also needs more weapons and easier control
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+1 # Doo 2014-05-24 23:48
Still Waiting for the Flash version...
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